Acne Scar and Striae Treatment

Our clinic is generally about skin treatments; acne, acne scars, sunspots, freckles, melasma, striae (cracks), hemangioma, razor scars, enlarged pores, capillary expansion or aesthetic applications such as skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation.

Medical Peeling: Normally, our skin is renewed every 28 days. This renewal takes up to 40 days due to air pollution, stress, decreased estrogen, and the negative effects of the sun. The skin becomes dull, pale, spotting and wrinkles occur. Using glycolic acid peeling solutions, the damaged upper layer of the skin is removed. At the end of this regeneration process, the skin regains its physiological regeneration time of 28 days.
The skin is moisturized, refreshed and glowing. The color of the spots becomes lighter.

PRP: It is the process of separating a small amount of blood, which is taken in a special process, into its components and giving the obtained platelet (platelet) enriched plasma back to your skin by microinjection. PRP helps to renew the skin by stimulating the growth factors in the area where it is applied. In the treatment of fine and deep wrinkles in the face area, wrinkles around the eyes and lips, acne and scars, enlarged pores, skin tone differences, spots, hair loss, cracks, underarm and inner leg laxity. It is a method that can be safely used in rejuvenation treatments on the jowl and on the hand.

Derma therapy (Dermaroller): With the help of a device with a rotating head, microchannels are opened in the skin. From the microchannels opened later; Therapeutic serums are applied to the lower layers of the skin. With this method, the upper skin layer of the skin is removed and a rapid regeneration is observed.
Combined PRP and Dermaroller application: When dermaroller application is applied in acne scars, scar marks, striae (skin cracks) treatment and then PRP is applied, a rapid healing process is experienced.

Filling application: Aesthetic filling applications are an application performed under the entire skin in case of tissue loss over time, in areas with wrinkles and collapses, scar marks or in general in case of reduction of skin elements. It plumps the skin, keeps it looking smooth and moist. Different fillers are used for the problem.


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