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Getting the best results with your skin starts with a wellness-centered, team and evidence-based treatment plan tailored for you.

Our team always has a smaller client list, which helps create an environment focused on carefree, high quality care that complements our commitment to providing you with the best patient experience.

There is only one of you and your skin is unique, which is why everything is tailored to your skin’s needs.

About Us

Specialist Doctor Rasime Erkan

Born in Kayseri, Rasime Erkan came to Istanbul when she was 2 years old and continues her working life after completing her education.

After graduating from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1981, Dr. Rasime Erkan worked in a private hospital for 2 years and increased her professional knowledge. In 1984, he started his specialization in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dermatology, with an exam.

He took the exam again in 1988 and received his Specialization Certificate.

He started to work in a private hospital, and in 1992 he took office as Chief Physician at the hospital where he worked. Until 2005, both Chief Physician and Dermatology Specialist. He continued his work here.

After retiring from his job at the hospital, Uzm. Dr. Rasime Erkan founded Lazermed Beauty Center in 1997 and started to work in her own clinic.

In his career to date, Dr. As Rasime Erkan, we have created a brand and still:

Diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases (spots, scars, acne, eczema, hair loss, fungal diseases..)

as well as in the field of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics: Botox, Filler, P.R.P – Mesotherapy, Anti-aging applications continue successfully.

He is a member of Turkish Dermatology Association, Istanbul Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Association, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology Association.

Continuing his profession lovingly and happily, Dr. Rasime Erkan follows the continuous education and dermatology, medical aesthetic congresses and seminars step by step and increases her knowledge.


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